Field Sales Activation


Provides business channel development services through dedicated individuals who are equipped and trained to deliver key messages, stimulate demand, increase distribution and sales of products and services, and represent the brand to new and existing customers.

Consumer & Trade Promotions


Educates and influences purchase decisions, drives sales and builds brand affinity through expert promotions teams who engage customers at various points-of-sale. 

Shopper & Trade Audits


Conducts audit of products and services through mystery shopper teams who work across all channels to provide vital information, insights and market snapshots that help verify and resolve issues on field. 

Design and Production


Designs creative spaces. Builds and fabricates visually arresting sets, props, scenic backdrops and exhibition booths. Produces high quality audio-video requirements.

Promo Merchandising


Delivers strong promotional compliance, stock availability, promo bundling and merchandising executions through a skillful team of promo personnel and merchandisers.

Guerrilla Marketing


Develops disruptive and unconventional marketing strategies that attract consumers, generates social media coverage, and provides multiple opportunities to create valuable content for brand marketing or PR purposes. 

Corporate Events


Conceptualise, plan and execute corporate events which include conferences, conventions, product launches, concierge services, speaker engagement, talent coordination and program management.

Youth Marketing


Develops and implements youth-centric activations utilising on-campus and off-campus spaces. Organizes events that engage and directly reach out to the youth to maximize brand impact.